Spirit workshops:


* Music:

- DJ workshop, (since 2003.)

- Sound school (since 2015.)


*For better life:

- Vege-food workshops

- Dancing yoga

- Discovering your True Self

- Underground, alternative (4 what!?)

- Urban survival (survive this urban jungle!)

- Dreamdance (dance and make your dream come true - powerfull free-dancing)


welcome  :)

  - SOUND SCHOOL - About 10 years ago,  Spirit organization, started a school for D.J.-s which was very successful and from which many enthusiastic performers, who are even today eagerly seen on the music scene in the region, were born. (Besides students from Rijeka, there were and still are quite a lot of people who come on temporary, to attend secondary school, study or work in Rijeka.)


After we had serial of lectures analising the music and the sound from different angles, next upgrade of school system led to a new name,  "Sound school" , that refered to analizing, for instance, the sounds in public places, a relationship  between sound and health, effects that sound has on our working place, soundscape... We wanted to see and explore the connection between the sounds and vibrations and everything that surround us in our everyday life.



Number of people who attended lessons and their reactions were great. But just in the moment of culmination, main problem of that time was not having an adequate place for giving classes, combined with the broken promisses from the  City of Rijeka to help us maintain the school, resulted in breaking the continuity of the classes. So, the Spirit members decided to take a pause and to remake the whole program's package. Period of remaking the system took, unfortunately more than a whole year.


At the end of 2016  Sound school had new serial of lessons about Radio stations focusing on how to build and work with Internet radio.