STAR WHEELS - hanging out with the true stars

What's this?

Aliens !?

Aliens are seen in our town. They want to go back to their planet, but faced with the natives and stucked by bureaucracy they're starting to have a hard time ;-)


The main roles 

Princess Klareia and knight Dorihan Solo are on the side of the force of good and they want to change this world for the better!



Your role

Take your part in changing the world for the better. Support our project! Each of your action will cause a reaction of a new sequel of the movie or workshop for these actors or a new ones. Let's blow away forces of darkness ;-)

Plan 1

Promoting this first "test tape", and sending a message to people that we exist. Help us share this! You can also participate in this project. Have fun and cheer! 

Plan 2

Setting up the necessary workshops on acting, singing, language lessons, so that the aliens can learn the language of the natives better and that the natives can also learn something about this aliens.

Plan 3

And of course, making more sequels of this movie, and including as many people as possible in the project, and having some fun, because we need to stay a kid in the heart. The world is too serious and too nervous.

And now, the movie  ! (please use english subtitles!)

STAR WHEELS donation

Your donation for the continuation of the project can be different. Just type in any amount, or contact us with any of your ideas. It's not all about the money ( some is about the gold:-)

100,00 kn

  • Available/Dobavljivo

No more kidding ! Everything that we receive will be shown with your name (or company) or without a name, if that's what you want, and we will show what we did, of course. The project will go on so long as there will be an interest for it, especially on the side of our participants, of course, and you, the Viewer. We look forward to have fun together!


-High school of Economics Mija Mirković in Rijeka - donated its students, space, time, confidance...:-)

- The school principal Mrs. Laura Grubišić - donated her trust, patience and love

- Spirit Association donated the use of video equipment, ideas and goodwill of members

- Canzio, a Rijeka amateur musician has donated music to the movie 

- Visual solution, the logo of the STAR WHEELS project was donated by DEMODE.