• Spirit NGO was born out of 12 young people (1996/7), mostly students, who desired to organize sub-cultural activities, due to (political and social reformation in that after-war moment in ex-Yu region) lack od fanzines, non- profit un-affirmated bands' concerts, exhibitions and similar youth culture subcultural activities, with some ECO and humanitarian note. 20 years later we are still somekind of subcultural movement.

Moving thoughts:

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality

but a hammer with which to shape it.” (B. Brecht)

  • With this idea, stuff started to experiment, to investigate, change ourselves and surrounding. From the beginning till now we, namely Spirit, had more than 350 projects (what is more then 2000 programs' days,100+ active members, 15 of them circulating in headquarter). In sequences further on will be pointed out some of them.

  • What is unique is that Spirit were "pioneers" in the city and region in many fields;

  • Gitarijada, Festival of urban culture; new context for musicians and graffiti writers. cooperation with different generations and complete volunteering approach with people with disability, schools, workshops, activism for children rights (playground problem), this time partly supported by local neighborhood government. Fanzin 'Spirit' (3x), CD compilations for new youth bands, free downloads...

  • Putted old and worn out factory hall into new, recycled use with recycled purpose. Quite number of 'maladjusted' youth found security in such accommodation (before some specialized prevention and intervention organization begin to function). It worked for such period in which young people were able to survive in those condition without stronger help of donors, basically City institutions who didn't recognize completely this stuff.

  • Activism (ambient policy, youth policy, NGO policy, for whole decade serious ECO and ambience problems in Rijeka were up to few activists.

  • Art and disability themes connected.


  • Artistic&eco actions and philosophy gradually dedicated stronger for healthy clubbing, connection of art and yoga in general, adopting to self sustained way of living.


  • According to those Spirit specific pioneering way -


there are mainly three divisions by which may be framed activities during three periods, separately characterized.



  • 1) grass root youth activities (1997-2000) fanzins, concerts, comic workshops, in cooperation with three another similar clubs and NGO's, and local communities, in education, fun and remaking surrounding.




  • 2) subcultural youth club (again grass- root, really independent) named Creative kitchen (2000-2006), Cam'in /Fireplace (2006- 2011); lot of international artists guests, cooperation with some foundations, less successful cooperation with local city government. As one of founders of 'Clubture' – croatian and international platform for cultural exchange, Spirit was supporting youth clubs in smaller places and got more education.

  • Dj school begun, free softers workshops, comic and similar, lot of exhibitions combining some professionals and more amateur (talents, but not in a decadency way).

  • 'Kredolom' /'Break a chalk'/interesting sort of art deep and simple expressions ' painting and talking


  • Video section, due to it's self-learned sort of professionalism had formed new ngo 'Awe', and was recognised and engaged as appropriate video support by certain cultural tourism office in region.

  • Terrain and stable eco actions, again in cooperation with local schools, and also with touristic coastal offices, 'Refuse, not a head in a garbage-bag!'

  • annual workshops and public presentations 'Carmine for heritage' (multidisciplinary group work, collective creativity approach based on visual arts), also resulted twice within University of Rijeka's 'Festival od science'.

  • plus continually activistic engagement on similar themes.


  • all can be seen in Gallery and PRESS on www.spirit- ri.hr

  • app.300 programs in all kinds of cultural ways of expressions, with different people, everybody - except proclamating something violently - was welcomed, ideas and strategies were sorted out within some more propositions which all the time have been brougt out by Spirit president-ship and active members, in direct democratic way.

  • 3) without own place (2012-2017), but placing more in earthly healing spirit.

  • UHVATI FILM, international film festival, themes on disabled people's stories. Spirit became organizer and selector for Croatia's tour. Very popular for students, school and general public.

  • Turning more to alternative education& promotions/www.poriluk.com supporting other org. activities.

  • DJ school going on...with help of DJ school ex student Marina Karamarko (winner in BURN DJ competition 2013) in Dj workshop. Pretty number of DJ school's students started to be recognized on the scene.

  • presentation of DJ school on different places, in 'Brum' live TV show.

  • more music creativity rearanged up to culture of sounds, everyday life experiences, turned to 'School of sound'.


  • healing movement &music, own technique of Spirit member, 'Dream dance'.

  • going vegetarian and other workshops for more healthy lifestyle issues, cooperating with different martial arts, yoga or recreation clubs, gong sounds and dance healers, all resulted in 'Eco active' - annual seasonal festival on Island of Krk and in smaller centers of region (supported by one local island touristic organization, boards).

  • 'Back to yourself- inner wakening' cycle of lectures.

  • radio show, still actual



  • all can be seen in Gallery and PRESS