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SEIZE the Movie - Film fest (Croatian part) 2018. :

26.10.2018. Dom Čavle; 19h Retrospektiva, open event, free enter - donation welcome.


30.10. 2018. Presentation in City hall of Rijeka 14h (on invitation cards)

3.11. Saturday, Dvorana Kulture (Joga u svakodnevnom životu) 18h, UPSIDE DOWN- dance and move - with special guests!

4.11. sunday 19:30h, ART kino - films finalist of 2018. - with Guests authors filmova from Zagreb, Ljubljana i Sarajevo !

5.11. Monday19:30h, Awarded films 2018.


After the successful premiere in ART cinema in Rijeka, at the film festival "Seize the movie ", now you have the opportunity to see the movie STAR WHEELS also online. This short film was created through the workshop done with the highschool students.

Extraterrestrials are in the city? What are they doing here?  How will they escape and go to their planet? What they think about the forces of evil? Can they prevent bureaucracy in their intentions?

See, share if you like, and if you want to participate in supporting this project, you can make a donation. We thank all of you in advance and hope you will have fun, at least as much as we are during filming the movie.

More information and the film are HERE. Your Spirit

Seize the Movie Fest

Final part in Rijeka 

ART kino - 5th & 6th November 2018.

Great selection of the short films all around the world

Entrance is donation.

Welcome !

The programs at EcoActiv on Krk were very good, so we started to "roll up" on your request. This week the schedule is as follows:



SUNDAY 5.08.2018.
8.30h YOGA- with Dolores


SUNDAY 29.7. ŠILO (waterfront) evening with MOVIES


ENTER - Donation for a particular program.
The next term will be published here at the beginning of each week,
For more details contact us: HERE. Welcome!

EcoActive 2017. Festival




- 23.6.friday, 20h  - opening "SOUNDS 4 LIFE" Dance meditation with music "all around the world"  &  GONG session  "for love and peace inside and around us! "

- 24.6. Saturday 20h - Dance meditationa & GONG (2. part)


Morning program, Saturday and Sunday ( Soline beach, on grass part) :

- 7.00h meditation     - 7.45 Laugh yoga       - 8.30 Hatha yoga                                

Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are not welcome; Enter is donation;  Thanx !  For accommodation please visit page Turistička zajednica Dobrinja.

Thurdsay 15.6.2017. -20-22h in Rijeka, performance


- Sounds4life -

Details on info@spirit-ri.hr  Link for video:


OM flash-mob for Planet Earth (22.4.2017.) Live stream at 12h (Europe time)



on the topic of disability and films whose authors (actors, screenwriters, directors) are people with disability.

For details go to : http://eng.uhvatifilm.org/open-call/

SEIZE THE FILM (Catch movie) Film Festival, which for many years going from Rijeka (Croatia, Spirit) and Novi Sad (Serbia, Parnas), and after the parent cities and in many other cities in abbreviated form (so far some 40 cities)
Has new partner!

After the Croatian and Serbian Festival joined by Bosnia, namely Festival which was held in Banja Luka from 2011 becomes a "Catch-movie" BiH thus Festival now taking place in 3 cities Novi Sad, Rijeka and Banja Luka. So the three countries!


UHVATI FILM - film Festival

ART kino, Rijeka 7. i 8. XI 2016.