Uhvati Film - Novi Sad(Serbia):  Kulturni centar 23.-30.9.2018.;  

Uhvati Film - Banja Luka(Bosnia&H.), 13.10.2018.;  

Uhvati Film - Rijeka(Croatia): 5.- 6. 11. Art kino; (with workshops and other programs 2-4.11.2018.) 

 Uhvati Film - KC Kotor (Montenegro) november2018.


 For details Uhvatifilm.org

Thanx to HAVC and City of Rijeka, the project "STAR Wheels" 2nd part is in progress. Workshops for children are finished and filmed material is in processing.

We hope to see Film in November 2018.

Aliens are around us, they are friendly and nice, they want to return to their planet. See the big space story! Now!