About Us

SPIRIT is a non-profit "grassroots" organization, 
founded in 1997 by a dozen (then) students,
who had the need to create a platform through which
to realize (sub)cultural and creative programs.
Through the organization of workshops, exhibitions,
concerts, publications (newspapers, CD ...)
has changed and we change ourselves and the world we live in.
We hope for the better;-)
Moving thoughts:
“Art is not a mirror held up to reality
but a hammer with which to shape it.” (B. Brecht)
Member can become so a few months actively cooperate
on programs produced by permanent members of the association,
after that team accept you and you accept the team, love happens (or does not). There is no fixed membership fee. Once accepted, you can realize your programs that are consistent
with the ideas that we represent. All active members are helping
all programs
(when possible). The Association has no employees. The Association does not represent a specific political option,
religion, ethnicity, or else,.. it is a personal thing and
the right of members, but in this society all this remains outside
"at the front door".
Currently presidency (2013/7.): Denis Pilepic, Helga Paškvan, Nazif Habibović. Presidency is Executive factor, while the association manages Board
made up
managers of project which are in progress.